Denise Alick is the founder of the Samadhi Yoga Center, in Flint, Michigan located in the heart of Genesse County.  Samadhi Yoga Center was first opened in Flushing, Michigan in 2001.   Denise began her yoga practice in 1998 after going to Camp Renora where she was first introduced to yoga every morning at Grace in the Woods and fell in love with the practice.  She has trained and studied under the direction of Johnny Kest of the Detroit area and Kathy McNames of Yoga Vermont.  Denise has also participated in workshops with Paul Grilly, David Swenson, Ana Forest, and Seane Corn. 

She is grateful for the opportunity to teach and to learn from these practices with you on a daily basis.  She is honored for all the teachers she has had and for her family she gives her heartfelt gratitude for their love and support and mostly she thanks God.


Susan was introduced to yoga by a close friend and fellow runner who is also a yoga instructor. Desiring to learn more about herself and the yoga experience, Susan completed an Ashtanga based teacher training intensive course.  She furthered her education by acquiring her RYT 200 and subsequent years of teaching for the designation of E-RYT 200 with Yoga Alliance."


Susan has attended many specialty workshops to continue her studies with experienced teachers such as Kino McGregor and Bryan Kest.  Her training allows her to teach a variety of styles:  Hatha, Slow Flow, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Teen, and MS/Adaptive Yoga. She is inspired by her students and is excited to have the opportunity to help others discover the unlimited benefits of yoga.


Tori first climbed onto her yoga mat in 2005 and hasn't gotten off since. She completed both 200 and 500 hour teacher trainings at Hilltop Yoga. She has had the opportunity to participate in many workshops and trainings, with yogis such as Kino MacGregor, Maty Ezraty, Bryan and Jonny Kest, and Seane Corn. She is committed to continuing to deepen her practice and knowledge.


As a student and as a teacher, she has had the opportunity to explore the many different aspects of yoga.  She understands that thin practice can be deeply challenging but also so sweet. Tori believes that yoga can allow us to transcend our perceived limitations and can help us find the truest, most honest versions of our selves. She understands that this practice is deeply individual and is so blessed to be included on your journey.


Michael has been a runner, cyclist and triathlete for over 30 years competing in many races.  Michael began practicing in 2007 hoping to enhance his life long sports by gaining flexibility, balance and strength.  About two years into his practice he not only realized the physical benefits of yoga, but was given insight into the mental and spiritual benefits of a daily practice. 

He looks forward to teaching yoga and sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm of yoga to others.  Michael teaches a yoga class entitled  Runner's Workshop for students getting ready for the crim, as well as, Inversion Workshops.   He feels teaching yoga will keep him focused on his life journey of peace and wellness.  He particularly enjoys the Ashtanga and Vinyasa practices.  Yoga keeps him strong and flexible in body and mind and helps him to understand that life is more than the race. 


From the second her mat hit the floor, Heather Bowman was hooked on Yoga. Starting in 2014, Heather fell in love with Yoga and couldn't wait to share her passion with whoever she came across. Yoga soon became a healthy addiction. In a short period of time she has made it a point to experience many different studios with many different instructors. Heather has also taken part in multiple immersion courses and workshops.


With a background in teaching cosmetology Heather has the experience needed to make a personal connection with long time students, as well as, students in their very first class. For Heather, Yoga began as part of a workout plan and it quickly developed into a lifestyle. She hopes to be able to share her passion with anyone with an open mind and a desire to experience more.


The moment Jenny stepped on to her mat, yoga became her addiction. Excited to become a better person from the inside out, she started and completed the 200 hour teacher training program at Prana Yoga Center in Grand Blanc. Her training is Ashtanga based but she also loves to teach Slow Flow and Vinyasa classes.


She has done workshops and trained with Jennifer Whipple, Johnny Kest and Tommy Mack. Jenny knows this is a practice for a lifetime and is dedicated to making sure you find balance within your practice and can learn how to use it on and off your mat!


Zoe began practicing yoga at Samadhi Yoga Center as a child and she has been in love with the practice ever since. When she began college she started her yoga teacher training through YogaFit and continued on to teach classes at Michigan State University. She is now in pharmacy school at Ferris State University where she teaches yoga for healthcare professionals on campus.


Zoe believes that yoga is medicine; wellness comes from nurturing the mind, body, and soul. She is honored to share her yoga journey with those around her. She continues to learn from her students and her teachers and is grateful for every experience she receives.


Melissa started practicing yoga as a way to fit and tone after losing weight. She wanted a way to not only increase flexibility for running and weight training but also wanted to tone up. What she found was so much more. Although she was a little intimidated after the first class, she kept coming back and was hooked on, not only how great it helped her body feel, but also the healing that took place within her mind and spirit. After about a year of practicing, she signed up for a 65 hour immersion training at Samadhi to learn more about the history of yoga and to deepen her practice. That was 2 1/2 years ago. Since then she has completed another 65 hour teacher immersion training through Samadhi as well as her 200 hour CYT training through Twisted Root Yoga and Fitness in Clarkston, and numerous workshops including weekend workshops with Noah Maze and Rocky Heron.


She is first a student in order to better her practice and relay that knowledge to her students. Her biggest passion about teaching yoga is that yoga truly is for everyone no matter your age, sex, or fitness leveL.  Yoga is as much a spiritual and mental transformation as it is a physical transformation. 


"Heaven is full of answers for questions which nobody ever bothered to ask."-Billy Graham

"Change comes when you decide to react differently."-Dr. Linda Mintle


By viewing the yoga practice as medicine, Jamie curiously and playfully links the practice on the mat to find a balance in life off the mat. A constant student, Jamie is a 200hr RYT, and continues to seek new education through workshops and training's with teachers of many backgrounds in yoga, medicine, and philosophy.


Her teaching style allows each student to realize they are in fact their own teacher, by using postures as means of awareness of breath and movement. Each class she offers is an invitation to move freely, and dig deep to release tension both in the body and mind.


Off the mat, Jamie enjoys getting her hands dirty on her budding organic practice farm, and links the practice of yoga to awareness of every aspect of health and wellness.


I began my yoga journey in 2013 at 50+ years of age. I tried many different classes including Yoga 101, Hatha, yin, hot vinyasa, and short form Ashtanga. I really fell in love with short form Ashtanga. The Ashtanga class was so much more than the physical asanas. It helped me peel back the mental and emotional layers that were holding me hostage. I also grew closer to God. The calming and meditative aspects of yoga produced an inner healing for me.


I have taken two Immersion training classes here at Samadhi in 2017. In January 2018, I am beginning a 225 hour teacher training via Holy Yoga which will culminate in a week long intensive retreat in Arizona. Upon completion of the retreat I will be a R-HYI (Registered Holy Yoga Instructor). I am excited for this new yoga challenge!


Before yoga I was committed to guarding myself, maintaining a wall, and keeping people at a distance to avoid pain. Coming from a pretty tumultuous background, my young mind thought this was the best way to protect myself from further damage and disappointment. But by doing so, I was also holding on tight to anger and resentment.


When I first took a yoga class back in 2014 the goal was to regain physical control of my body, little did I know it would entirely transform not only my body, but my mental health, and every aspect of my life. I began my practice with my teacher Denise Alick, a student of Johnny Kest, I started taking as many yoga classes and styles at other studios where ever I traveled and participated in workshops with David Williams. 


I did my 200-hr yoga teacher training at Soul Yoga in Fenton in the Fall of 2018 with Maureen Bosker from Yoga in the Woods. Maureen studied extensively with Pattabhi Jois, the founder of Ashtanga Yoga, and this knowledge was passed down notably throughout training. This lead to a deep appreciation for traditional Ashtanga Yoga, it's breath focused internal and external cleansing bringing us closer to our truest self, and the many other styles that have branched from it. 


Yoga has opened my heart, filled me up immeasurably, and sent me on my way a happier and healthier version of myself. My hope and goal in becoming a teacher would be to help others find the same! 


I found yoga the summer of 2016; after encouragement from my husband. I showed up for my first class looking for something physical only to later discover it was the mental clarity and the peacefulness that kept me coming back to my mat. 

Yoga is not about being flexible. Yoga is improving how you look at yourself & others. Yoga is how you look at life & experiences. 

It has helped me work through and let go of experiences from my past and it helps keep my mind here in the now. Because of yoga I’m a better Mother with a lot more patience (breathe), I speak kinder, I have more confidence in myself, I see situations/things differently but most importantly, it has taught me to love myself and to honor my body. My stress & anxiety isn’t like it used to be and I’m so thankful for that. 


Since I sit most of the day because of my job, coming to my mat helps alleviate any tension my body is feeling. It’s my time to just be.

I have a deep love for deep hip openers, forward folds and anything that loosens up the hip flexors. Self love is so important. Yoga provides us with such incredible potential as humans, the ability to be humbled, and the comfort of finding gratefulness of our own stillness. My goal is to make sure everyone reaches their highest potential and maintain a peaceful mind and body. 

Count Your Blessings


Practice Kindness!!


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