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Denise Alick is the founder of the Samadhi Yoga Center, in Flint, Michigan located in the heart of Genesse County.  Samadhi Yoga Center was first opened in Flushing, Michigan in 2001.   Denise began her yoga practice in 1998 after going to Camp Renora where she was first introduced to yoga every morning at Grace in the Woods and fell in love with the practice.  She has trained and studied under the direction of Johnny Kest of the Detroit area and Kathy McNames of Yoga Vermont.  Denise has also participated in workshops with Paul Grilly, David Swenson, Ana Forest, and Seane Corn. 

She is grateful for the opportunity to teach and to learn from these practices with you on a daily basis.  She is honored for all the teachers she has had and for her family she gives her heartfelt gratitude for their love and support and mostly she thanks God.


From the second her mat hit the floor, Heather Bowman was hooked on Yoga. Starting in 2014, Heather fell in love with Yoga and couldn't wait to share her passion with whoever she came across. Yoga soon became a healthy addiction. In a short period of time she has made it a point to experience many different studios with many different instructors. Heather has also taken part in multiple immersion courses and workshops.


With a background in teaching cosmetology Heather has the experience needed to make a personal connection with long time students, as well as, students in their very first class. For Heather, Yoga began as part of a workout plan and it quickly developed into a lifestyle. She hopes to be able to share her passion with anyone with an open mind and a desire to experience more.


I was initially drawn to yoga because I enjoy pushing my limits and testing the physical boundaries of my body.  It wasn't until I met Denise that I started to gain a true understanding and appreciation of yoga.  Clarity, calmness, stability, confidence, strength, awareness, safety, comfort and peace, were all found between the four corners of my mat.

Falling in love with yoga helped me fall back in love with myself.  No, it has not been a magic pill that made my life easier.  But it has given me the courage to work thru any struggles I may face in a healthy way. I believe in sharing that mindset with fellow yogis.  Your practice only works if you do.  You will get out of it what you put into it.

Let Jesus take the wheel and enjoy the ride.


Chelsea began her yoga practice in 2017 after a series of personal losses left her feeling disconnected and empty. She came to Samadhi Yoga Center with no yoga experience and no expectations. She soon recognized that the practice was helping to heal her body and mind and rebuild the connection between them. Chelsea completed a 200 hour YTT with her teacher, Denise Alick. In 2020, she completed the Connection Coalition's trauma-informed yoga training with Jen Cousineau.


Chelsea believes deeply in the transformative power of yoga and wants to create a space that allows students to grow through their own practices. Her goal is to make yoga accessible for all practitioners, regardless of experience, age, or ability.

2023-07-15 14 53 06_edited.jpg

A little over ten years ago, I first read about yoga’s benefits of helping with mental and physical health. I found Denise’s studio and began this spiritual and physical practice of yoga. In 2020 I began to feel that yoga needed to be more than a personal practice but a means to help others. I used breathing techniques from yoga at the bedside while working as an emergency room nurse. I have used mindful techniques to help patients I cared for receiving ketamine infusion therapy for PTSD. And I have been so thankful to share yoga with my family in Brasil. So much of yoga has poured into all aspects of my life. 


In 2023 I was fortunate enough to take the 200 YTT course with Denise. As a yoga instructor my goal isn’t to make the best playlist you’ve heard in a while. Although I take my DJ-ing skills seriously, my focus is to help students find the courage to face sensations and feelings in their body. We learn that poses and feelings are temporary, but the breath is always there to provide support and care. We can move through our healing ‘bird by bird’, breath by breath


Adriana's love for yoga began nearly a decade ago when she discovered Samadhi Yoga Center. She quickly learned and experienced the profound benefits this practice has to offer. She firmly believes in the power of yoga to uplift oneself and to deepen her practice and knowledge, she pursued two YTT programs at Samadhi. The program helped intensify her skills and allowed her to combine her love for movement with the essence of yoga. She's driven by her genuine love of the connection between breath & movement along with a strong desire to give back to her community.

With a focus on alignment, breath, and movement, she guides her students to connect with their inner selves, creating a safe space filled with a sense of calm and balance. Whether you're a beginner or experienced yogi, Adriana believes in the inclusivity of yoga and truly strives to create a welcoming and safe space where everyone can experience yoga and connect deeper to themselves and those we get the opportunity to practice with

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