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Short Form Ashtanga

It's a heated class.  If you are looking to pick up the pace and get challenged, this is for you.  Designed in specific orders of intense asanas to improve strength, balance and coordination.


This heated style of yoga links postures, so that you move from one to another seamlessly using the breath and testing strength and endurance.

Yin Fusion

A class great for all levels especially beginners.  This class begins with a slow flowing sequence of posuture to help strengthen and stretch all areas of the body, followed by a set of restorative postures making this a deep nourshing practice. Suggested to bring a bolster or blanket if needed.


Asthtanga Remix

It's a heated class!  It's an Ashtanga inspired practice with a vinyasa flow to build strength and flexibility.  It will take us out of the routine.  Be prepared to sweat. 

Slow Flow

This class is great for beginners. You will gently engage and open all the major muscle groups, putting together in a slow flow sequence leaving you feeling rejuvenated.  This is a well rounded class.

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